The C Gallery for contemporary art is located in Los Alamos, CA at 466 Bell Street, right across from the post office. The gallery is located 13 miles North of the Santa Ynez Valley just off U.S. Highway 101. The Santa Ynez Valley Area has become world renown for producing the finest of California wines. Coupling sophisticated art, antiques, and notable food offerings, the Old West township of Los Alamos is growing into a "destination" for  travelers headed North or South on the 101. Los Alamos, CA offers several art galleries including The C Gallery.

The C Gallery
, features contemporary art, work with a "contemplative" edge. The "C" associations go on indefinitely from Gallery Director's name "Connie" to issues of ultimate life importance: compassion, continuity, clarity, and courage......Let's not forget "chocolate."

Some of the artists exhibited in The C Gallery are from California; some from the East Coast. Some of the artists are established nationally; some are emerging. The C Gallery shows revolving exhibits of drawings, paintings, sculpture and furniture accessories. To view artists in the permanent collection
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The C Gallery
also small offers intimate art classes for adults . Classes combine beginning drawing skills and foundational art principles with an art history background. See: Classes

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