"The Delicate Nature of Acrylics."
Sometimes folks think acrylic is less delicate or expressive.  Wait and see what you think. I have had quite a few specific requests from styles to scheduling.
Here's what's coming together:
On Tuesday mornings from 9 am to noon I've gathered some of the most talented artists in the area, who work in acrylics in a variety of styles and subject matters, (Peggy Brierton, Carol Kemp, Sukey Buchanan, Carol Carbine to get started) all of whom reflect a certain delicacy either in vision, technique, or subject matter. Each artist will be a guest artist for one month. We also have the option of multiple months with a selected artist.
Here we go.....We begin with Peggy Brierton, a beautiful landscape painter, who used to have her own Zaca Creek Gallery. She is easy to be with; easy to question; easy to get help....good with simplifying a composition, too! Just look at her beautiful work:  Landscape can be a good way to start before we get contemporary or abstract.





Peggy's class will begin on May 9th, and continue May 16, 23, 30.  "Getting Started With Acrylic Landscapes."
Then in June we'll have a different artist, the creative, fearless, Carol Kemp, exploring symbols and personal emotional/spiritual journeys. The work could include acrylic painting with some collage or sewing or cut-outs.  Carol is open wide to creating.
In July I'm hoping to confirm Carol Carbine, who actually is an oil painter,
but will be glad to spend a month in acrylic with us, learning to paint CLOUDS.
Remember her cloud series??
There's more ideas coming....things are coming together!
But if you are interested, please let me know so I can invite you into the planning process...
we can have input on the direction we want to take, exploring
The Delicate Nature of Acrylics"